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Chakax converted painted. by MrPheenox
Chakax converted painted.
Here is the final paint job of my Eternity Ward Chakax. I remember reading in an old codex that the older a saurus gets the more pale it's skin becomes. Kinda like snakes... their spikes and scales also gets thicker. To compensate for the lack of colour they add the skulls and heads of fallen enemies, gold... so much gold and, something I've never seen in practice, war paint.

Since Chakax is the oldest eternity ward. I painted him grey as stone and added the war paint to spice him up. The new paints are truly a joy to work with... i am very happy with the result.
Chakax converted VIP by MrPheenox
Chakax converted VIP
Well. I recently started an expensive hobby again. As much as some people hate the rules of age of sigmar... they are a lot easier to get into now that everything is decided by dices.

Any way. I never liked the figure much. It was so stationary and dull. So with two pieces of plastic from the frame holding the figure and some greenstuff I gave him a new arm and a much more dynamic pose.
Returning Heroes by MrPheenox
Returning Heroes
This was the opening shot of my, was to be, web comic. 

The picture shows two Stabber Fleet Issues drifting through the halls of an Amarrean station. One of them only limping home with one of three engine modules working, and its hovering stabilizers damaged leaving it flying at a slight angle.

i was very pleased with this piece as the smoke, fire and medal came out really good. also the lighting from the engine part and the feeling of the vastness of the station comming through. Any way, it was relatively fast painted... which is good as i am always annoyed by my slow speed.
Amarr Petty Officer Room by MrPheenox
Amarr Petty Officer Room
So Huola were i lived, was an Amarrean system taken over by Minmatar. Ofcourse the architecture of the station would be of amarrean origin. I know that all the capsuleers get a room with a brigde to their ships in the game, but i figured since huola was a Minmatar "island" within Amarrean territory, they wouldnt have big appartments for all the pilots, crews, soldiers and so on.. so only the important people would have the big nice rooms. Therishia never became more than Spear Lieutenant.. so never an important figure.

Any way, since she was minmatar she would not like the Amarrean stuff, like i mate a room for prayers with golden statuets of the different saints. Infront of that i placed a Krumak, a religous symbol for the amarr and a symbol of freedom for the minmatar + i painted a red Krumak on the statue... the rest is just trying to imagine how i would make it look more authentic.. like some one actually crashed there some times.. 

Any way Enjoy
''VIP'' - page 1 - The White Brutor by MrPheenox
''VIP'' - page 1 - The White Brutor
This is a cut out of what was to be the first page and intro to a bigger Eve project.

I have decided the re sculpture the way i want to tell this storie.. as one of the key points was that i would tell it while i was in Faction Warfare in the game. But since i grew tired of the warzone, i had to figure out how to tell the story now that it couldn't be in present time... so now im gonna tell the story in past time.

Any way, i really liked the smaller pictures, im uploading the big one aswel without all the smaller frames. 

The idea was to show 2 Stabber Fleet Issues returning from mission and being repaired for the next mission while the crew and the capsuleer is taking a break from the war. I was based in a system called Huola in 2014. It was a Minmatar stronghold system held by two alliances called LNA and Iron Oxide. It was practically unconquerable, and Amarr only succeded once Iron Oxide and LNA left the war and became "simple pirates"

Any way, since it was a system were 2 big alliances were holding up, i figured it would be a place were the Valklear soldiers and mechanics would be a pretty effective machine putting the ship together fast and refitting it for the next possible assignment.

Any way, Enjoy. 


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